Wednesday, 20 June 2012

EURO 2012 Quarter-final's: A Little Look

CZECH REPUBLIC  V  PORTUGAL  21, JUNE Howard Webb (ENG) National stadium Warsaw 

The Czech's will have one more days rest before this Match and will feel luck is on their side; they looked as good as gone after the first game, and with Russia falling at the last hurdle, they will want to make the most of this second chance, but will be wary of the comparison to the great teams that came before. Portugal will feel that they are in the ascendancy and have got better as they have gone on; Ronaldo had a great game against Holland and if he reaches that level again, Portugal will be very hard to beat. This could well be a stop start game, as the Czech's  have committed the most fouls, 61, with Portugal coming Second with 53. 

GERMANY v GREECE   22, JUNE Damir Skomina (SVN) PEG Arena Gdansk (Gdansk)

Greece have had  the lowest number of shots on target with only 9, which has lead to them scoring just 3 goals. They also have collected the joint  most yellow cards with Italy, 9 in total. The absence of their most creative player and set piece taker, Karagounis, will make it very hard for them to produce the amount of chances that they may need to win. Germany go into this game with confidence; although they have been playing well, they  know there is still a gear they can move up into. They will also know this wont be an easy team to brake down, and will have to be on their toes. 

SPAIN V FRANCE   23 JUNE Nicolan Rizzolie (ITA) Donbass  Arena Donets'k 

This has all the potential to be the game of the draw. The "under firing" Spanish team has scored the most goals with 6 and have accumulated the second most shots behind, you guessed it, France, who always have a chance with Benzema in the team, another key battle will be between Ribery and the Spanish weak point, the right back, Arbeloa. Spain will be in buoyant mood as the French defence will be the weakest they have come up against in this tournament. The French will be boosted by the fact that they have already played at this stadium twice, along with the semi being held there if they make it. Diarra is playing well, and the return of M'vila is also a good thing what with Cabaye struggling They may also see it as a  bonus having Mexes suspended as his partnership with Remi has not been good. . Whoever wins this match will have two days less rest before the the semi final against the winner of the Czech v Portugal match.

ENGLAND V ITALY 24 June  Pedro Proenca (POR )                    NSK Olimpijs'kji (Kiev) 

It will be very interesting to see if Prandelli  goes with three at the back or with 4, given the absense of Chiellini which may force his hand into starting with four, which will please Hodgson as, tactically, three at the back is the best way of dealing with a 4-4-1-1/4-4-2 system. England have never before beaten Italy at a major event, but the England camp will tell you this is not a normal England team and may now feel that their Rooney can do a Rossi. They will have to be more creative and focussed when on the ball if they want to beat Italy at their own game, who will have an extra days rest.Some of the England players will have to be careful Cole,Young,Millner and Gerrard are all a booking away from missing the semi if they make it.  Whoever wins this match will have two less days rest before playing the winner of the Germany v Greece game. 

With the form of the teams, added to the number of extra days the big teams have to rest before the next match, divided by the nature of football, could mean we may well  see a Czech v France and England v Greece semi rather then the Spain v Portugal and Germany v Italy that logically should come out of this round of matches, and it's in this impossible maths that makes football the beautiful game.  


  1. Doesn't Spain and Italy have 1 more day rest than England and France? I don't get the rationale here

  2. Spain and Italy have an extra days rest but given 'the nature of football' the logic doesn't always work that the best and most rested go through, thats what I got from it, maybe the guy can expain on here what he means...

    Hasn't Gerrard got three assists? there's no mention of it on the side bar, does the one against Ukraine count given the deflections? Actually, surprisingly,think Gerrards been imense this tournament, a good captain and probably our most important player.... Can't believe I just wrote that. time for me to go shoot myself in the head and check if hell has frozen over.

  3. The assist was given to Gerrard although with the double deflection that took it to Rooney was in my eyes like a shot off target that took a deflection and went in these are normally given as own goals.With the maths I state that Spain and Italy will have one more days rest before the QF but will have less rest before the semi(if they make it) as well as making the joke that once you add the nature of football to any sum it becomes impossible to work out as any thing can happen and that's how Chelsea won the Champ league and Greece won the Euro 8 years ago This is what endears the masses to football any given Sunday and all the other cliché

    1. Ps thank you for leaving your comment they are very welcome. keep enjoying the Euro's