Monday, 18 June 2012

Group B: Germany v Denmark Post Match Analysis

Podolski 18                                      Krohn-Dehil 23
 L Bender 80 

Germany start in their 4-2-3-1 shape, starting 11:
GK: Neuer, LB: Lahm,  CB: Babstuber,  CB: Hummels, RB: Bender CM: Khedira  CM: Schweinsteiger, LW: Podolski, CW: Ozil,  RW: Muller, ST: Gomez.
SUBS USED: Podolski/Schurrle 64  Gomez/Klose 73, Kroos/Muller 83

Denmark start off in their 4-3-3 shape, starting 11:
GK: Andersen, LB: Poulsen, CB: Agger, CB: Kjaer, RB: Jacobsen, CM: Zimling, CM: Kvst,CM: Poulsen  LM: Krohn-Dehil,  RM: Eriksen,   ST: Bendtner.
SUBS USED:  Zimling/C Poulsen 78 Poulsen/ Mikkelsen 82

A Little look:
Denmark made one change, which was Poulsen for the injured Rommedle and Germany also made one change: L Bender coming in for the suspended Boateng. Denmark changed to a 4-3-3 with Polulsen coming into the center and Eriksen starting out wide Germany stayed with the same line-up and their  tried and trusted 4-2-3-1 formation.


Denmark needed a result more than their negative line-up showed, and never really got going as a attacking unit in this game. Germany played out a very professional game: they had 60 per cent of the ball and a massive bulk of that was in the Danes' half. They moved the ball around  but  never really got out of third gear and didn't have to.Both teams only had 20 attempts between them, with Denmark only managing two on target.  

Denmark never pressed in the opponents half and were happy to drop off to get into shape. They did however push on the full backs, well Poulsen did, as Jacobsen had his hands full with Poldolski staying wide in the first half along with the constant danger Lahm gives. Interceptions were a big part of the Danes game, making 26 in total with Agger making 10 of those. He had a really good game, which is more than can be said for Kjaer who was sloppy in parts. Germany played the ball around with ease at the back as there was no pressure on them playing the ball out. The centre backs, when called on, did well at cutting out any half chances Denmark could muster. The full backs pushed on well, especially L. Bender, who in his first start  looked like an international pro, even adding a well deserved goal to his all-round display. Defensively he didn't put a foot wrong, covering well along with making some good interceptions. He kept Dehil at bay and went forward with conviction, he surely has given Low a headache on who to play in the right back spot. The Germans kept a nice distance from goal with the back line, however they did not deal with the corner for the goal well, going with full zonal marking, which on set plays I am not a fan of, as I feel a combination of Zonal and man- marking is a better shout. It was a good decision putting Bendtner in the far zone on the corner, as his header back in was well placed, although he had it easy as Schweinsteiger was the man who picked him up, which is a no contest really. 
In the middle:
Zimling, Polusen and Kvst worked hard and they had to. Zimling was their best player in the centre, he made 48 out of 49 passes. Kvst stayed behind the other two, guarding his defence while Zimling and Poulsen moved around the pitch a little more. The pair were always keeping an eye on Schweinsteiger, making sure one of them was close enough to stop him playing. However, Schweinsteiger's clever movement and quick football brain always put him a step ahead; he dropped off a bit and let Kherdira push on more in this game, which worked well for Kherdira, who was involved in a few of Germany's little one-twos around the box and maybe he should have got himself a goal with a nice run into the box. The one-twos were a big part of Germany's play today, and the way they were taking players out of the game with it was nice to watch. 

Wing play:
Eriken tried to be the man to dictate the play for his side, but never really had options around him. He started off on the right, though he didn't spend much time out there apart from when tracking the runs of the wide players. Poldolski took his goal well on his 100th game for his country, but will be disappointed with his all-round game. With a lot of Germany's play going down the right, he was told to stay wide and he did. He was later subbed for Schurrle who played the same role as Podolski did, and did well to get in a few times. Muller came into central areas and was unlucky on a few occasions, getting tangled up with the defenders when playing neat balls around the box. He did however miss a glorious chance early on to get himself off the mark, which he will be disappointed with. Ozil played really well again, the midfield trackers and defenders never really know what to do with him; the way he drifts out and then in field, picking up space, makes him a danger and he played a few good balls again today.

Up Top:
Gomez will be disappointed that he never got on the score sheet, he had two great chances in the first half that he never really connected with well. He passed the ball off well in that half but fell out of the game in the second. By the time Klose came on, the game had gone into walking mode and he never really got involved. Bendtner was maybe unlucky not to get a penalty, and he held the ball up as well as he could given the circumstances. He played a lovely ball to Poulsen, who really should have scored, but apart from that he didn't really come into the game. 

Full Time: 
Denmark pack their bags for home and judging by the way they played today, they might as well have gone already. Germany will be pleased that they are the last men standing in the battle known as the "group of death", while the Portuguese will feel that they have a new lease of life, making it through as the runner-up. The Greeks will make it hard for the Germans to break them down, but the absence of their most creative player and set piece taker, Karagounis, will make it very hard for them to produce the amount of chances that they may need to win. The German army marches on with strength,flair and talent in abundance.
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